Swimming Pool
The temperature of the smaller pool it’s 31° C and 30° C for the bigger pool. The use of the swimming cap it’s necessary (available at reception if you don’t have one).

Sauna - Finnische humidity level 5-20% - Temp. 70°-80° C
The sauna have many healthy effects. First of all it facilitate the flow of the blood, the high temperature helps the central circulatory system and the dilatation of blood vessels and induce a deep skin purification. Furthermore you’ll have many other benefits, like relaxation and extension of the muscles, mind relaxation and tone. The sauna it’s contraindicated in case of heart diseases, skin-diseases, wound or injury. Sauna treatment program can last from 10 to 15 minutes, then you’ll have access to the emotional fresh shower.

Biosauna - Brechlbad Humidity level 40-55% - Temp. 45°-55° C
For those who find the classic sauna too much ‘’dry’’ we suggest trying the ‘’biosauna’’. The body is stimulated delicately, heated slowly avoiding any stress to the circulatory system. The session consist in two stays from 8 to 15 minutes.

Turkish Bath - Dampbad humidity level 90% - Temp. 40°-45° C
It have oriental origins. The function is to increase the skin temperature immersing yourself in the vapor. The benefits are the same as the traditional sauna but with a different approach. The session consist in two steps: first you enter a room filled with heated water vapor for 8 to 15 minutes, then you get access to the emotional shower. If you feel the temperature is too hot for you please exit immediately the Turkish bath.

Tepidarium Humidity level: 30% - Temperature 37°-39° C
The most famous bath of ancient times was called “tepidarium” by the Romans, which with a temperature of 39°C induce a sort of artificial fever. It’s ideal for the reinforcement of the immune system and for those who think the classic sauna it’s too hot and the Turkish bath too damp.

Emotional Shower - Erlebnisdusche
Ideal after a sauna or Turkish bath session. Surrounded by coloured lights (chromotherapy), the body is massaged by a flood of perfumed water drops, releasing a nice and energizing essence to your skin.

Kneipp Path - kneippbecken
The Kneipp treatment program it’s based on the transition through two pools, where the alternation of hot water Jacuzzi (38°) and cold water Jacuzzi (18°) allow a prompt circulatory system benefit.

Ice Cascade - Eisbrunner
The ice cascade it’s funny and stimulant. Right after a sauna or Turkish bath, just rub yourself with the ice to immediately feel a spark of energy. The cold stimulate and reinvigorate the body, and the alternation between hot and cold decrease the stress, stimulate the body and the mind.